It all started with the Knitting Olympics. The Games may be over but the yarnsanity endures....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


A week of being sneezed and coughed on by snotty little boys has finally caught up with me and I have a stinker of a cold. Everything hurts. Added to which I think the tiny needles are creating hand problems.

Whine, whine, whine. I know.

In sock news, I got fed up with untangling the yarn and needles every time I picked it up, so I've moved on to working on one sock at a time. I've marked the row where I left off working on both, so that I can count and make both sock feet the same size. Hopefully...

Things are going much faster now. Except for the aches and pains and whining...Drugs are my friend.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Slacking For Snowmen

I confess I have made very little progress on my project today, but there were snowmen to be built.

Since I have an almost-three year old and this has been only our second big snow this winter, I feel that Snowmom has to be my other event. So I'm a biathlete (now, why does that sound naughty?).

Must try the toe-up socks on Husband to see if they fit before I proceed any further.

Check in tomorrow to see if I've been to frogland with so many other members of the SockTeamUSA, or whether I've managed to stay out of the pond...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snow For The Winter Olympics

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Look, it's obligingly snowing here, just to make it feel extra-winter-Olympicky.

I tried to get my 11-month old to model the socks-in-progress, but the window frame was much more cooperative (and showed off our lovely snowscape, to boot).

I'm making good progress on the Husband Socks. Assuming they fit him...Will try them on him again before I go too much further.

The Knitsanity Begins

Due to some confusion about when I was supposed to start (and the fact that NBC presented their coverage as if they Olympics were starting at 8pm EST, which was odd, really, since I KNOW that's 2AM in Turin) I lost a whole five hours and the feeling of solidarity of starting with thousands of East Coast knitters.

Ah well, not to worry. The Husband Socks are on two circular needles. I'm afraid I'm knitting them in craft store acrylic because my nice superwash wool didn't arrive, but honestly he's so hard on socks that I'm sure they'll be OK.

So far I've increased from the toes to probably the ball of the foot and begun a 2x2 ribbing. Photos will follow.

In the 'elevate your craft' bit, I think I've finally got the hang of knitting two socks at once without getting into a hopeless tangle. Yay!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Knitting Olympics

Oh no! Not another blog.

Oh yes. I'm afraid so.

This one is begun in honour of the first Knitting Olympics and the insanity that is my joining it. I'm sparing the spare readership of my writing blog the tedium of hearing me rant about knitting. Instead I'm sharing my obsession here, perhaps with other members of my USA Sock Knitting team.

(Incidentally, I feel a bit of a fraud joining the USA team when my citizenship application is not even in yet, but hey, I live here, I pay taxes here and I say No Taxation without Sock-Knitting Representation!)

Go Sock-Knitters!